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Blackthorn Blackthorn

The Blackthorn GRC platform identifies, quantifies and assesses risk, while coordinating compliance, and audits.

Hutchinson Networks Hutchinson Networks

Hutchinson Networks provides efficient, best-fit IT network solutions for clients to support their IT networking needs.

Evoco Evoco

Professional services capability & capacity where you need it, when you need it

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30 October

Protect your investment

“The first rule of business, protect your investment” Etiquette of the banker 1775 The first rule of business for any board of directors or CEO has been and always been to protect the investment; second rule is always to make a profit.  No matter the business, no matter the sector the quote above is always […]

12 September

What is information Security?

Security is not a new concept for the human race, for thousands of year’s security has been the foundation of any good society.  In effect it is central to the lives of everyone and has been since before humans developed from the primate. In our modern world security is still a central key aspect of […]

12 August

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber liability insurance is the latest hot topic for insurance firms out in today’s market. Recently the news has been buzzing about significant cyber thefts for some of the largest companies, who have incurred significant brand damage as well as substantial fines and business disruption due to cyber-crime. Insurance companies have now realised that informational […]


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    “They are a great team with a great philosophy towards collaborative learning and teaching. Ensuring the delivery of their material directly relates to real-world events and individual engagement is of the upmost importance to Razor Thorn! I highly recommend Razor Thorn and continue to work with them today.”

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Our Information Security Consultants

Razorthorn was founded in 2007 since that time have become a leading supplier of trusted consultancy for companies and institutions of all sizes on the subject of Cyber Security and Information Security.

Our information security consultants focus on developing intelligent solutions to protect your business critical assets. Razorthorn supplies information security and cyber intelligence services for Governments and businesses. We can provide individual advice or fully managed information security services from PCI DSS and ISO 27001 certification support, policy and process development, SIEM/SOC, end-to-end data management solutions, cyber intelligence tools and penetration testing.