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2 March

Future Anti-Phishing Tools Considerations

Our friends over at PhishingPro have been busy contemplating the future of Anti-Phishing Tools. Information and IT security within an organisation is a complex beast and not always just a matter of throwing money at a problem. We have seen a growing trend from companies for integrated approaches to security and it is no longer sufficient […]

23 January

Razorthorn Release New Phishing Tool

We are proud and excited to announce the release of our new Phishing and Smishing tool – With the majority of successful cyber-attacks coming from Phishing it’s important that all companies develop a cyber awareness strategy and understand how good their current controls are. PhishingPro is new and allows you to test your staff […]

13 January

Everyone is a Traget

Phishing is still the leading cause of cyber attacks. Approximately 90% of all cyber attacks begin with a phishing email. In 2016 Phishing was even more prevalent than ever and may have tipped a US election, due to John Podesta falling victim to a phishing scheme that compromised his accounts and exposed insider communications. Our Friends […]


What our customers are saying.

  • Training Customer

    “They are a great team with a great philosophy towards collaborative learning and teaching. Ensuring the delivery of their material directly relates to real-world events and individual engagement is of the upmost importance to Razor Thorn! I highly recommend Razor Thorn and continue to work with them today.”

    - Training Customer

Information Security Consultancy

Razorthorn was founded in 2007 and since that time have become a leading provider of trusted Information Security Consultancy for companies and institutions of all sizes on the subject of Cyber Security and Information Security.

With offices in London and New York we are a truly global organisation who prides itself on quality and discretion at all times.

Razorthorn Ltd is a dedicated Information Security Consultancy with an international presence that helps its clients to take an integrated approach to Information security and Cyber intelligence ensuring the main pillars of People, Process and Technology are always included in the information life-cycle. Our belief in quality and discretion drives everything, resulting in satisfied, long term clients.

We specialize in building end-to-end Cyber strategies for companies, building true cyber threat intelligence, evaluating their major weak points and vulnerabilities before putting in a place a plan of action that will increase Total-Control of their cyber presence.

We provide cyber Intelligence and threat analysis and a range of services from ad hoc consultancy to fully managed information security services. Razorthorn helps clients manage complex security needs from conducting audit and compliance reviews, embedding risk and compliance methodologies and technical cyber services and intelligence.

If you are looking to outsource parts of your information security consultancy needs then we can help. We have dedicated teams of specialist who can manage development and delivery of Governance, Risk and Compliance processes and technology across your organization.

Consultancy Services
•    Information Governance, Risk and Compliance
•    Information Security Polices & Standards development
•    PCI and ISO preparation and Certification
•    Information Security and IT Technical Reviews
•    Security Architecture and Design

Technology Services
•    Cyber Intelligence automated tool-set
•    Pen Testing and Vulnerability Management
•    Web Application Security
•    DDoS Protection
•    Database Security
•    File Security
•    SharePoint Security
•    Cloud Security